Bleeding Minds (Issue 4; Dec, 2000)
Odor of Pears - Crown of Thorns

ODOR OF PEARS is simply amazing. I've had the great pleasure of stumbling upon many music, multimedia, & performance art groups lately and the creativity and passion these groups exhibit never cease to amaze me. They carry music to the next level by making it a visual experience rather than just the standard on-stage performance.

ODOR OF PEARS consists of three talented souls...Diana Blackwell (vocals), Joe K. (instrumentals) and Russell Rager(visuals). Diana's voice is as sweet and deliciously desirable as the band name suggests. The music is stimulating and entrancing. The whole effect of the packages produces sensual and erotic dance music. The style of music is sort of reminiscent of 80's new wave bands like Siouxsie & The Banshees or even The Cure. The song "Cage" is the one track I found exceptionally erotic in style. This cd makes for great backgound music for seducing a lover!

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