College Music Journal
(July 17, 1992)
Futures: F.Y.I.

We have nothing else to say, other than it’s not something normal: The band is ODOR OF PEARS and their demo is Censored, thin, tinny, X-rated electrorock in the vein of the Liquid Sky soundtrack (remember "Me and My Rhythm Box"?). Their expertise lies in the minimalist techno of Kraftwerk, but with dark overtones of urban neurosis, like Trio with a mean S&M streak. Totally, uncannily 10 years out of time, "Take Me to The City" or "Dildo" would have been underground cult hits in ‘82 (an adults-only version of "Pocket Calculator," if you will), captivating the listener by being both so totally clinical and unabashedly direct, like "Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" or the Normal’s "Warm Leatherette."...

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