College Music Journal
(December 4, 1992)
Futures: FYI

Some bands become closet favorites here on the Futures page, and Missouri-locked ODOR OF PEARS deserve the "closet" part of the appellation in more ways than one: Its music is dark, dank, claustrophobic and secretive, much like a closet might become if you were locked inside for a prolonged time. The Odor’s sound is from a gear-crunching technoid-metal lineage that includes the Normal ("Warm Leatherette") and cult hits like "Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight," infused with a seamy, nocturnal and slightly sinister tone and outrageous sexuality (the band should have been put in charge of some of Madonna’s photo shoots). Odor of Pears is turning out to be much like a mysterious cross between Jandek and Nine Inch Nails--every couple of months, like clockwork, we receive a quasi-anonymous tape in the mail, and each is significantly improved over the previous.  --D.I.Y.

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