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Review of Mortal

Back in the day I was listening to bands such as the Cure and Siouxsie & The Banshees, I marveled at the lyrics and music thinking there would never be another band to rival that particular sound.  Enter the group Odor of Pears' CD Mortal.  The vocals of Diana Blackwell are very unique and much to my surprise sultry yet powerful.  The Music of Joe K compliment Ms. Blackwell's vocals and are very clear and tight when put together.  I heard that their live show is also erotic yet very rich full of images and awe.  Doing the Visuals is Russell a man of genius and utter talent.  The opening track In Orbit is very seductive especially the vocals of Ms. Blackwell when she has an echo effect put on the word orbit.  

Next track Touch Me (I'm a Freak) is a self expression in sexual hunger.  It is a monument to freaks everywhere.  The Music is seductive yet has a richness in sequencing and keyboards.  The other tracks are right up there but the other one I enjoy the most is track four God is a Bug.  A tribal sounding journey into the spiritual side of man.  All of the CD is without a flaw the music is so aggressive yet not overbearing.  I like Diana Blackwell's vocals and presence she embodies the future of the goth sound.  The CD was printed in Canada you can order it through their website.  It has gotten great reviews all around and that is because they know how to produce music that is worth listening.--Rev. Gira777

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