(Feb, 2001)
Odor of Pears

Crown of Thorns

The first thing that hits me here is the eastern style drumming and rhythm on 'Invocation'. The guitar and vocals follow suit and prove their ability, though a bit misleading as the rest of the album is different. The CD has a bleak, futuristic electronic ambiance, like the soundtrack to a Bladerunner scene. The female vocals reminded me at first of some Nina Hagen material. I get the impression that their stage shows are an elaborate performance and they are a very visual band, though the CD doesn't reflect this unfortunately. One of the members is credited solely with "visuals".

Throughout, the music is dreamy and ethereal, but has the substance of an electronic rock band. Kind of like a more synth based "Close One Sad Eye" (Kommunity FK). The song 'In Sodom Again' has an industrial cabaret sound with ghostly vocals. I swear that 'Fuck Christianity' is the soundtrack to a videogame I used to play as a kid. It's simplistic and lo-fi MIDI implementation with its direct, frank lyrics make it one of the most entertaining tracks. The only thing that could use improvement with Odor of Pears is the lyrics, which are very basic and unimaginative. Otherwise, this is a very unique sounding band that's worth checking out. 

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