East Bay Express (Nov 10, 2000)
Rock and Pop
Odor of Pears  

There is something positively hypnotic about Odor of Pears, an enticing air of gloomy sensuality.  With electronic hums, gurgles, and bangs circling chilly crooning, the East Bay trio's recent self-released "Crown of Thorns" CD brings to mind floods of shadowy reminiscenes:  Siouxsie and the Banshees meet Dead Can Dance, the Sisters of Mercy meet Laurie Anderson, a new wave band meets its doom.  DJ's Christine Death, Cutter, and Kermit spin goth, industrial, and 80's rock before and after the show.  (S.H.) 8 pm.  Driftwood, 1313 Park St., Alameda. 522-5141


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