Exclaim (July, 1998)
Odor of Pears

This band will rock your genitals with their sexual overtones, dark gritty techno beats and some truly eerie sampling. Odor of Pears have captured a distopian world filled with S&M, orgasms, masturbation and obsession, smothered in dark ambient beats that make your spine twinge in delight as vocalist Diana Blackwell coos seductively on "In Orbit." Her voice is arousing as she sings of being teased and caressed by someone's eyes. Other tempestuous delights include a haunting "Always." While sex and sexual activities make up the majority of the lyrics on Mortal, the music behind it comes from the darkest, grimmest bowels of mankind. Musician Joe K is truly a master of his domain. If the Lords of Acid celebrate sex with their music, Odor of Pears grieve it with their dark bleak background beats. It's difficult to be a goth in the summer, what with your PVC pants melting to your legs and all, but Odor of Pears makes that pain delightful. -- Matt Mernagh

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