GodSend (June, 2002)
Odor of Pears

Crown of Thorns

Hailing from Berkeley, California, this 3-piece band led by vocalist Diana Blackwell focuses their energies on producing a well-done but not especially unique goth rock sound, to varying degrees of success. Opening with the semi-tribal DEAD CAN DANCE-ish 'Invocation', the band then delves into more programmed, proto-industrial/goth ground, with a definite look back into the 80s (think the SISTERS 'Floodland' with Siouxsie-like vocals). My problems with this lie with the programming, which all too often seems to be emulating a 'rock' sound, as if a real drummer or guitarist are not an option. Furthermore, the songs don't always congeal into anything more than raw beats with some synth backing and Blackwell's bathed-in-effects-until-it's-unintelligible vocals. On the positive side, and although songs like 'Fuck Christianity' and 'Dildo' offer little more than shock value, they also reflect the band's keen sense of humor. Solid production and a good variety of songs, but I can't help but feel that ODOR OF PEARS will have a tough time rising above the rest of the latex-clad gothic S&M/B&D crowd.

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