(July, 2002)
Odor of Pears
-Crown of Thorns
 (Independent, 2001)

Technical data:

Recorded at Odor of Pears Studio.

Engineered and Produced by Joe K.

Graphic Design by Russell.

Track List:1- Invocation, 2-Cage, 3- Underground, 4- In Sodom Again, 5- Fuck Christianity, 6- Dildo, 7- Babies Without Faces, 8- Joan

A charming oriental melody opens the CD along with the enchanting vocals of Diana Blackwell. This is Odor of Pears, a trío consisting of Diana Blackwell on vocals, Joe K. On music and Russell on Visuals. The result is an hypnotic kind of music full of melodies where Blackwell´s vocals are the main feature and gives the music its distinctive touch. Keyboards and electronics are all over this CD creating a dark atmosphere, almost mechanical, succeeding in transmit the sensations of loneliness, oppression, darkness. I like a lot "Cage" with its keyboard bases (like vocals) below Blackwell´s voice that gets deeper for this track. The compositions here can be described in one word: climatic, or maybe atmospheric, or maybe ethereal. A must for people looking for new sensations. Favorite tracks: "Cage", "Fuck Christianity" (a future classic) and "Babies Without Faces". Contact:


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