Neuralgia (November, 1998)
Odor of Pears--Mortal

This is a wonderful album of just plain good old goth music. This is not pretentious or masturbatory at all. I can't believe how really good this is. I can't believe that this band is located in Columbia, Missouri either, but I am impressed. The music I assume is nearly all electronic and makes good use of danceable drum rhythms and pretty ethereal synthesized melodies. This album contains a good balance of the noisy goth-industrial elements with the floaty ambient elements. Diana Blackwell's voice suits the music to a tee, twisting between a low sultry growl to soft whispers. I myself thought of Die Form as a direct influence on this work as well as the whole legacy of goth, industrial, and electronic music. Indeed, like Die Form, they deal with a number of sexual and fetish themes that seem ever so enticing in their strangeness. Of course, they also deal with issues of religion and death, both quite typical themes in goth music, but this band certainly has a newness to their approach and sound while retaining all those qualities that make goth music worth listening to: the beauty, the pain, the ambience, and the darkness. This is a great album for anyone looking for some new gothic music that isn't pretenious and over-wrought or another Sisters rip-off. -- Amanda Rehagen (DarklingChild)

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