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Surround yourself with candles and sit in the centre.  Meditate and contemplate, slowly.  The tidal wave of passionate nightly visions carries you away to the world that is beyond conscious perception in colours which are not abstract but spread wide in tonal dimensions from blue to absence of light.  "Mortal" is sophisticated; gentle, but also raw and rought album that can put in a trance from where is very hard to get out (if someone wants to go out from those unearthly passages and scents).  ODOR OF PEARS is not something that can be labeled and it shouldn't be.  The sound is unique, vulnerable as NICO always wanted to sound but she only sometimes did.  Spiritual as LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH wanted to reach but they also failed.  This is not some little bit of everything recycled mixture like 90% of today's scene.  This is original, haunting twelve-dimensional travel into the universe of hidden feelings, torchlight in the labyrinth of darkest thoughts.  No cheap gimmick this time.  Recommended to all true believers.  Not listen tonight and replace it for something else tomorrow.  This is forever.  From 1-10 I'll give it gladly 12.  Enjoy it -- Stevan Mijatovic

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Odor of Pears 2004, Rev: 02/10/04