Radio Politika Yugoslavia 
Sospiri (Sept, 2000)

ODOR OF PEARS’  “CROWN OF THORNS” is one peculiar movie in which screenplay, directing and soundtrack are tightly connected in one compact totality of the purposed art-which means that this album possess all the qualities mixed together with the different approach to the deed itself.  Literally strong, emotional, sincere and uncompromising world of Diana Blackwell underestimate modern living by denuding all the nonsense of high quantity of emotional, material, spiritual and physical cages we’re locked in. Musically, unavoidable question is: ”where are the creative borders of Joe K. and does he have them at all?” Every tone on “CROWN OF THORNS” is a bingo!  This album sounds like the best of by some band with the much longer career than ODOR OF PEARS’.  How much is the presence of Russell in the work of the band visible is almost shocking. Even though “CROWN OF THORNS” is not a videotape, it’s quite certain that this is  one unique motion-picture-audio-cd.  Until now “CROWN OF THORNS “ is the swan song of ODOR OF PEARS and listeners should let themselves to feel the part of enlightenment which band felt in making of this timeless spectrum of ascension. -- Stevan Mijatovic

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