Odor of Pears
Crown of Thorns (Oct 15, 2000)

Now here's an interesting tidbit.. Based on it's cover, I was expecting Odor Of Pears to be a disappointment. Their name is bizarre, their cd cover art is somewhat cliche, their promotional pamphlet was amateurish, and all their project comparisons screamed 'Uh-Oh'.. (NineInchNails, SiouxieAndTheBanshees, DieForm, Madonna..??)

Then I listened.

This is the sort of thing that can sweeten reactions to a band. I was fully prepared to dislike O.o.P, based on the packaging.. But what's this? They are actually quite good at what they do. They sound not at all like Nine Inch Nails, or DieForm, or Madonna. They do sound somewhat like Siouxie Sioux, due mainly to the vocal work of Diana Blackwell. They also sound like Thrive and National Velvet, also due to Miss Blackwell's vocals. (More like Thrive, less like National Velvet, but it's there all the same..) Musically, Joe K. shows his learning... This man knows his stuff. Middle Eastern influences, synth-pop sensibilities, and a good ear for mood. In places, O.o.P. comes across on a flat note, "Fuck Christianity" being a fine example. But when all is said and done, Odor Of Pears does one thing superbly, one thing that sets them apart from the crowds.. They can write a DAMN fine anthem, rich with emotion. Any band that can do that gets a special place in my heart. I love anthemic material, music that evokes images and feelings.. Odor Of Pears pulls off TWO of them on the Crown Of Thorns release.. "Babies Without Faces" and "Joan". There are many who have turned their back on Gothic music, thinking it empty of fresh ideas.. Odor Of Pears is a fine example of how wrong that belief is.

Odor Of Pears
"Crown Of Thorns"
1 - Invocation
2 - Cage
3 - Underground
4 - In Sodom Again
5 - Fuck Christianity
6 - Dildo
7 - Babies Without Faces
8 - Joan

Odor Of Pears are:
Joe K - Music
Diana Blackwell - Vocals
Russell - Visuals

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