STIR (April, 1997)
It Came from Columbia:
A look behind the MU College Music Committee's two-day local-band festival

...Odor of Pears proved to have the same intensity but with a darker approach. The group has already built a reputation for their multimedia presentations during shows. Black plastic from cut-up trash bags was taped over the fluorescent lights and used as a wall behind the group. While this design scheme initially begged the comparison to a middle school play, when Odor of Pears began their set, it was soon nakedly obvious that this was the real deal.

The overall theme of the Pears’ set was the dichotomy between pleasure and pain, sometimes mystic and seductive, other times lurid and terrifying. At one point, vocalist Diana Blackwell was talk-singing about her lover who was "made of rubber" and doing all sorts of things with the microphone that you usually don’t get to see for free. At another point, she stood perfectly still as a projector showed film loops of animated multicolored lines. She was reciting a conversation about a moment of euphoria gone horribly awry, repeating each line three or four times to give the impression of an echo.

In all, Odor of Pears gave an electrifying performance that alternately left the crowd stunned and enthralled.... -- Mark Nettesheim

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