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Odor of Pears- Crown of Thorns

For me, gothic music is a hit or miss thing- either I like it a lot, or I hate it. Odor of Pears definitely lands on the 'hit' side. I was really quite impressed with this disc- the music and production are well done, and the vocals blend excellently. While there are guitars present, the music tends to focus more on the synths, which I think is a good thing.

The first track to really hit me hard was number two on the disc, "Cage". This is easily my favorite track on the CD, with top-notch synth work backed by eerie vocal drones and a punchy bassline. The slightly-delayed vocals add to the dark atmosphere, sitting lower during the verses, and coming to the front for the chorus.

"Dildo" is an odd track, with some very... interesting (and poisonously sarcastic) lyrics. In a nutshell, strangely-pitched vox backed by heavily-effected breathing sounds and equally strange music- I would almost describe this song as psychedelic industrial.

It's nice to see a band that can carry off the 'goth' sound without taking it to cheesy and/or melodramatic extremes. This has always been a hard thing to find, but especially in recent years. I hope these folks get the recognition they richly deserve.


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Odor of Pears 2004, Rev: 02/10/04