Zero Magazine (March 10, 2001)
Odor of Pears

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns fits comfortably into the Goth/Industrial genre.  The music, which is primarily dance-driven, is reminiscent of later Siouxsie and the Banshees.  Throughout the album the delivery of the songs is nothing if not ambitious, sometimes surprising me with innovation and at others leaving me feeling like I missed something.

Vocalist Diana Blackwell says a lot through her lyrics, ranging from Dosteyevsky's works to diatribes against Christianity.  Blaring the subtly titled "Fuck Christianity" is among other things, a sure fire way to keep issues of the Watchtower from appearing at your door.  "Dildo" is a breakup poem, with all the obligatory moans.  I say obligatory, because anyone signing about her relationship with a dildo without moaning is probably not using it correctly.  However, the lyrics seem more concerned with being clever than conveying actual emotions.  My favorite song, "In Sodom Again," is a song about - you guess it - sodomy.  The delivery of the song contains a rising sexually charged beat, reminding me of the sex scene in Delicatessen in which the outside environment mimics what's happening in the bedroom.  Unfortunately in many songs the vocals are quiet causing the listener to strain to hear what is being sung.

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